Facials & Massages – The Perfect Pre-Wedding Treatment

Now for the deeper attention to assist with your perfect day.

For the Bride, Groom and even the attending party, I highly recommend a massage & facial the day before the big day. After being in the wedding industry for over 30 years and working with many brides & grooms, I have seen the total transformation after the right treatments. Spa Luna Transformational Day Spa at the Maui Mall is easy to access and has been around since 1989. Their skilled therapeutic therapists are Hawaiian born and Hawaiian at heart. Enjoy a lomi lomi massage as the ancient royalty did before their big events; they definitely knew something! The deep kneading will melt the tension and worry away from your muscles allowing for a deep sense of ease.

Massage for Maui Wedding







After you treat your body, it’s time to give a little attention to your face. All eyes will be watching you on your big day. Treat yourself to a Spa Luna signature european facial. Try adding a microdermabrasion or a pumpkin peel to remove that unwanted stress and reveal that youthful glow. I guarantee you can walk right to your ceremony looking spectacular. That smile will be witnessed by many as you both breathe a sigh of gratitude and are able to feel the moment of your union. Beauty from the inside out. Blessings abound.

JoJo Maltese

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