Your Dream Wedding Inspiration: Make it happen!

Island breeze in your hair, sun on your skin, we all have imagined getting married on a tropical beach. A beach wedding is undeniably relaxing and intrinsically contemporary. It can also be the perfect anecdote to wedding stress. Beach weddings can be termed as close relatives of destination weddings, only more fuss-free and informal. Our advice for the wedding weekend is to go big on fresh, dried, colored, and crochet variety of palm fronds, to stay on island time instead of your city’s time, and to let the magic sweep you away on your big day.

Below is our vision on your trip of a lifetime.

Hawaii – The Perfect Location

ScottWhen it comes to beaches, there is no other location more accusable and beautiful than Hawaii. The tall palm trees, excellent management, and clean sea breeze are surely going to transport you to another world. You may also want to extend your stay and convert it into a honeymoon after enjoying a relaxing and eventful weekend at Hawaii!

A Lush Bouquet of Hawaiian Nuptials

Swap your traditional bouquet of lilies and garlands with Hawaiian flora including orchids, plumeria and the official flower of the island hibiscus. You can also use these brightly colored flowers in your wedding arch and in your venue backdrop.

Palm Frond Fans to Cool the Guests Off

Beaches are a humid location. This is why you would want to make sure that your guests are well taken care of. Although sea breeze is enough to cool off the moisture induced heat amongst your guests, it is considerate to place palm fronds on each guest seat to ensure that your guests are comfortable. It also adds to the beauty of your arrangement.

Cake with Jewel Toned Orchids

ScottDo you know how beautiful a bare cake looks with bright orchids on top as edible decorations? You need to ask your planner to give you a portfolio of how various cakes look like in a beachy wedding setting!

Don’t have a planner yet? Worry not, because we are here to help you through your dream beach wedding with ease! Maltese Dreams is the answer to all your wedding planning requirements. Our comprehensive packages and reasonable pricing is what brings us couples from all over the world! We love getting feedback from our visitors, so contact us today for any questions and suggestions!