Planning a budget for your destination wedding is quite an unromantic task, even if it is related to one of the most special days of your life. Your budget needs to reflect your desires and your dreams – but within your limits, of course.

This is why it’s essential that you include the cost of your chosen wedding planner first so you know what’s left over to plan said special day.

The Common Methods of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Hourly/Daily Planner

These are usually wedding planners who work as consultants for a day or two, or even hours, to help you plan something specific. Their work is to help you locate and book a service that you weren’t able to do yourself, for example, locating a hotel that would offer good group rates. Mostly, such wedding planners would go anywhere from $100-$800, depending on the services you acquire.

Day-of Coordinator

Wedding coordinators usually work on the day of the wedding. They oversee all the details, final payments and schedule to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Their payment also depends on the number of hours they’re hired for. Although there’s no standard price, a coordinator may charge from $1000-$2000 for it. Their price difference may depend on their experience and your destination.

Full-Service Wedding Planner

If you need an entire wedding planned, exclude 10-20% of your budget and then plan with the rest. This will be your remaining budget that your planner will make use of. A full-service wedding planner takes care of all aspects of your wedding, such as:

  • Venue booking
  • Destination wedding theme and color
  • Contracting vendors
  • Booking block hotel rooms
  • Transportation
  • Food tastings
  • Attending meetings on your behalf
  • Designing and sending invitations
  • Coordinating rehearsal
  • Wedding-day rehearsal
  • Venue decoration
  • Arranging wedding favors and welcome bags
  • Making travel arrangements for the to-be-wedded couple and guests
  • Planning the honeymoon

Now, the cost of hiring and planning everything may seem a bit out-of-budget. However, if you choose a wedding package according to your needs, you may end up saving a lot. For example, if you’re having a wedding in Maui, you can choose from a selection of packages that range from $525 to $6500. With such affordable packages, you’ll have no problem selecting a package that would keep you within your price range.

Having a Wedding in Maui

Maltese Dreams not only offers affordable wedding packages, we provide guests with reliable services as full-service wedding planners and wedding coordinators.

As one of the most popular destinations for weddings, we have the sources and expertise you need for a budget-friendly dream celebration. Choose one of the wedding packages Maltese Dreams offers and contact us to book your date!