The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding in Maui – Part I

For the nervous brides and grooms among us, destination wedding planning can almost seem like an impossible task.

You’re not on-location to supervise any of the details. Neither can you determine whether the location is perfect until you get there. All you can do is either hire a wedding planner at home who would take a hefty chunk of your budget to plan a small wedding. Or you could take the responsibility and become a novice in wedding planning.

However, those are not your only options.

Crucial Factors for Planning Your Maui Wedding

Get the Right Location

Sure, Maui itself is one of the most romantic wedding destinations in the world. But you need to narrow down your choices. Are you planning a beach wedding or a garden wedding? Do you have permission to have your wedding in your chosen location?

If you’re having your wedding in a hotel, you may have no trouble getting permission for a wedding at the connecting beach or in their garden. However, seek help if you have a particular location in mind.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Planning

The worst thing you can do is go over the top with planning an intricate Maui wedding. The point of destination weddings is that you focus on adventure, romance and relaxation, rather than whether you have that specific china for the wedding dinner.

Plan a simpler wedding, do not stray far from your budget and bring only the closest friends and family members to your event. You’ll have a more memorable day.

Learn the Laws of the Land

Because wedding tourism is a part of their economy, Hawaii has made it quite easy for out-of-state couples to get a marriage license. All you need is proof of age (you must be 18 or older) and $65 for the license and processing. The couple must also appear before the marriage license agent so they can be assured of your identity.

Do Your Homework before Planning a Date

Ask your wedding guests when they’ll be free and plan a wedding date accordingly. You need all your loved ones to be there, but if they’re taking days off work, they may need to come up with a good reason. Take their days off into account and allow them a few days to relax as well before the wedding.

Tip: Have your wedding on a weekday. Your chosen location will be less-crowded, and the weekend off will give your guests some time to do all the tourist-y things they wanted.

Hire a Wedding Planner

This is the easiest solution. When beginning your preparations, have a wedding planner on-location so they can keep an eye on your chosen venue, decorations and other components.  Wedding planners like Josie Maltese from Maltese Dreams also offer affordable Maui wedding packages so you stay under budget.

Want to Know More?

Maui weddings are low-key, romantic and fun.

If you want to achieve all that for your wedding, stay tuned.

Our next blog will offer some secrets on planning for a wedding photoshoot, food and other details!