The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding in Maui – Part II

In the second edition of our guide on getting married in Maui, here are some more details that should help you plan an amazing wedding.

Crucial Factors for Planning Your Maui Wedding

Get a Wedding Package that Offers Photography Services

Wedding photography can be very expensive if you hire a third-party. Instead, ask your wedding planner if they can offer photography as a part of the wedding package. Many wedding planners like Maltese Dreams offer premium photography services so you shouldn’t have a problem saving up on this particular aspect.

Find Out Whether You Need a Minister

And by that, we mean whether it’s your responsibility to hire one. While Maltese Dreams does offer a minister to perform the ceremony, we can make a few adjustments if you want to bring a family member or friend in to officiate. However, you will need to provide this detail when you book a package.

Choose the Best-Tasting Cuisine, Not the Most Expensive One

Aside from photography, food is another major expense in weddings. When finding a caterer, choose one who has a good following because of their customer service as well as their food. Even though it won’t all go awry, you can still get food that’s below your expectations. Find a caterer or a restaurant that’s professional, organized and approachable. And ask your wedding planner for help. They’ll know all the best local vendors.

Personal Care Tips

  • For the ladies, wear a strapless bikini when you go to the beach. You don’t want tan lines to ruining your wedding photos. Bring sunscreen (higher SPF) and be cautious about a sunglass tan.
  • Choose a good time for a photoshoot. Most people usually choose the daytime because it gives the most vibrant colors. But you can end up sweating, squinting and blinking in your photographs. Be careful of your choice of location so the sun doesn’t get in your way.
  • Make someone in charge if you have more guests. Your photographer won’t know who Aunt Karen is; neither will they want to bother you with names every time they have to photograph someone. Make sure there’s someone people can go to if they need help.
  • Ask your wedding planner about the best spots and times of the year if you want an ideal sunset or sunrise wedding. Remember, the sun moves throughout so you may not get a sunset on the beach as you wanted at certain points in the year.

We Can Help You Plan the Best Wedding in Maui!

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