Spring Wedding Outfit Ideas For the Bride, Groom, and Entourage

Spring is here and all the seasonal festivities are in full bloom! There’s still time to go before this beautiful blend of floral fragrances, spring blooms and sunny glory is replaced by the skin-burning summer heat. With the time right and the sky bright, it’s the perfect season to finally tie the knot!

Many couples wait all year long for the ideal day to plan their wedding for. Even though it’s hard to predict the exact weather forecast for the scheduled date weeks prior to it, it’s a safe bet to plan your wedding for the Spring season.

Spring doesn’t only make the weather and the wind suit your needs for a successful ceremony, but also offers glad tidings for the life ahead. It’s the time for fertility and growth when nature is reproducing and bringing new life into this world. With fresh shoots growing out of seeds, and flowers blossoming into full bloom, the land is decked with hollies of this happy season. With the cycle of nature picking up pace, it’s time to get the ball rolling on your wedding plans as well.

With the decision on a date done and dusted, all that remains is the rest of the wedding to plan for. A spring wedding wouldn’t fail to charm the happy couple if it’s set on a beach. Maui sunsets are known for their picturesque beauty and exotic exhibition of colors on the sky. What could be better to double the fun with having a beach wedding during spring in Maui with the skies and the sea paying their respects to the blessed union?

With the date and the place in place, you have the second most important part of the wedding to take care of: dresses! No wedding is complete without an exquisite wedding gown that gives you an air of casual regality and effortless appeal. Be it an indoor setup or an outdoor arrangement, a wedding gown is a must-have for the bride. With the bride, come the maid of honor and the bridesmaids who won’t settle for anything less than ravishing either.

Here are a few wedding outfit suggestions for the couple and the entourage.

Color Palette

bridesmaidsWith the colors of life spread everywhere during spring, there’s an added pressure to look your absolute best on a spring wedding. Naturally, the pressure is the greatest for the bride and the groom who want to make fantastical memories on their big day. Even though the bride, traditionally, doesn’t part with the white-dress custom, there’s always a way to work around and create something beautiful in classic taste.

According to old adages, it’s only fitting for a bride to wear white but who said she can’t pair up spring colors with it for an elegant combination. Since there’s barely any color that doesn’t sit well with a pearly white gossamer gown. You can experiment with a range of pastel shades like pinks, peaches and purples to embellish your wedding ensemble with embroidery, sequins and pearls. Wedding gowns inspired by nature’s exhibit of the abundance of flora and its many kinds are eccentrically appealing and much better than store-bought standard designs.

As far as the bridesmaids are concerned, they can follow suit by dressing as an extension of the bride’s choice of colors. There’s no rule governing their freedom of fashion choices for their wedding outfit except not stealing the bride’s color: white.

With that in check, they have the liberty to match their dresses with the color of contrast in the bridal gown. Seeing her closest friends lined up, wearing dresses of the same color and kind is indeed a sentimental moment for the bride who cherishes this moment always.

Dress Styles

With the ocean breeze carrying sprays of cool water from the azure waters and seasonal blooms strewn on the sandy shore to mark the spot where the union solemnizes, it’s best if the bride wears something light and breezy instead of heavy and extravagant. Therefore, a lightweight, translucent fabrics like net or gossamer will be the perfect choice.

Not only will it be easier to carry once the vows have been taken, but also excellent for the wedding photography poses. You can have an album featuring aesthetic poses such as one with the veil lifted by the wind, and flying behind the bride as the golden light filters through it. For the groom, nothing beats the look and feel of seeing the lucky man button up in a matt back tuxedo with a tie that matches with his bride.

As for the bridesmaids, the dresses need to be equally practical and beautiful. With the ceremony held at the brink of the ocean, the weather can be as unpredictable as the tide. Instead of wearing something so elaborate that makes it hard to move around, go for something semi-formal and accessorize your look with heavy jewelry. One great idea is to go for summer midi dresses with a busy floral pattern that is sequined and adorned with pearls around the waistline and all over the flare. With slinky straps that show off your collar bones, you won’t be compromising on your look in the least, and still be fully comfortable in your dress.

If midi dresses are not your thing, you can opt for a floral maxi dress that offers a whimsical change from the summer wedding wardrobe and gives your appearance a touch of elegance. An off-shoulder neckline with a diagonal slit at the bottom will help you walk around and flaunt yourself with style. With a maxi, you have the option of choosing between a full length dress and a knee-length sheath dress to display your shapely legs.  


Dress Styles

Your accessories can glam up your look for any event and turn you into a showstopper without spending a fortune. All you have to do is use your knack for pairing up the right jewels and purses and wearing your hair uniquely and you’ll be all set for the wedding. For the bride, a loose low bun with an intricately-carved hair brooch studded with pearls and crystals creates the classic bridal look. But if you want to use your wedding season as a theme for the event as well, you can go with a wreath of your favorite flowers or have a rose pinned to the side of your bun. Flowers are always a pleasant surprise to find and seeing a bride decked in blooms of spring is a wish for the health and happiness of the couple itself.

As a bridesmaid, your presence will be as significant during the vows as the couple’s. Don’t underestimate the power of a gold bracelet or another ring to go with your dress. Nothing shows your excitement for the big day more than your efforts to dress the part. You wear elegant studs in your ears or go trendy with flashy, dangling earrings.

It’s also quite endearing for the bride to see the bridesmaids wearing the same corsage made with spring flowers. Your shoes can be a game changer as well if you’re apart from what you wear, it’s also crucial to decide what you’ll carry. A dainty clutch or a formal purse made with a fancy material will pair well with your dress and also suit the occasion. Make sure you look like a bridesmaid and closest in kin to the bride on her big day!

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