I am so excited for everyone to view this Maui wedding video demo. It gives you and idea of what your own wedding would look like with a video memory to share with family & friends that could not be with you for you Maui wedding day. This sample has several locations, ministers and parts of ceremonies to give it flow from beginning to end. It is a fun token of Maui and a memorable romantic experience that you shared exchanging your Maui wedding vows. A lot of couples say that they did not remember what they said during the ceremony because the emotions were strong and that the words spoken could not be recalled. Having a copy of your Maui wedding video brings you back to that experience over & over again and can be watched on your anniversary to bring you back to Maui to relive your Maui wedding all over again. And remember that while the video is rolling there is also a photographer capturing those still moments.

The video opens on the Dragon fruit farm on hills of Lahaina over looking the ocean with a grand view of the slopes below and the blue ocean. Rev. Ernest is sounding the Hawaiian wedding chant as the couple looks on. The video continues with Rev. Laki continuing the chant and then sounding the conch shell which is tradition to start any ceremony or celebration. This location is Makena Cove in south Maui. It then goes into some wedding vows with Rev. Bill on Kapalua bay. Next is the lei ceremony with Rev. Lewanna also on Kapalua bay. It is customary to exchange leis in the ceremony to great your beloved into the ceremony and into Life together. This was a delightful morning wedding. Following is the ring blessing done first in Hawaiian then in English. This is done by Rev. Dennis. The next part, the ring exchange is done by Rev. Kimo.

It is nice to have those close ups of the rings going onto each others fingers. It makes the experience very personal. We are starting to finish the ceremony now with a Hawaiian prayer/blessing by Rev. Charles and then the end The Kiss & conch shell blow to end the ceremony done by Rev Ernest. After the ceremony we have relaxing, romantic & playful fun with video clips and photography. The license signing, the toast, walking the beach, all those romantic moments that make your Maui wedding video a treasure to take home and enjoy forever. I hope you enjoyed watching this special Maui wedding and all of the different Reverends, locations, flowers & images giving you an idea of which Hawaiian minister you would like to perform your Maui wedding ceremony.